Month: February 2018

Breaking the Trading Plan

The purpose a trading plan is not to shackle you down, force you to a rigid set of losing rules, or any other excuse traders make as to why they don’t have one.  The main purpose of a trading plan is to allow yourself all the flexibility needed in a time of fear by controlling […]

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Trading Double Bottoms & Tops

Double Tops & Bottoms are one of those things that if you don’t understand them, they can seem completely intimidating.  Yet the truth of the matter is that they are one of the most mechanical setups you can trade.  The beauty of the double top is that it is 100% mechanical.  Taking away all gray […]

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Market Selloffs

Whenever the days turn red, traders begin to think the worst.  Instead of joining the crowd, let’s instill some common sense and rules so that next time your stock takes a hit you’ll have a better understanding of knowing what’s really going on. First and foremost, we need to establish some definitions.  The market uses […]

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