The CTP System

The CTP System.

How to build a Custom Trading Plan from start to finish. Beta Group Registration Ends in


meticulous planning will enable everything a man does to appear spontaneous.

Mark Caine

What's In a Plan?

Most trading systems that are offered today come with a trading plan.  The problem with that is the plan comes at the very end of the system and is typically about a page long.  It’s an afterthought, designed only for the system designer, with no added benefit to the actual traders that use the system.

As a result, most traders system bounce.  They can’t make something work for them because they have no idea how to use it properly.  They have no concept if what they’re trading is even right for them.  They look at trading backwards, where they copy the trader with the most money or highest % return instead of deciding whether or not that style could actually work for their own particular situation.

We aim to change that.  Our goal is to build a swing trading system from scratch.  When the system is complete, the trader will have a working system to use if they prefer.  With a proven edge, and a rules based approach, they could begin trading immediately.  But if they do not wish to swing trade or trade that style, they have now been shown what it takes to make a system from scratch.  They can now take the pieces that work for them and fill that in the rest.  Unless a trader is trading a style that they can handle, they will go broke trying to copy someone else.

What's Included

Sizing & Tracking

Plans without proper position sizing or tracking fail. We will build a full tracking spreadsheet & risk management.

Documented success

What good is a system without proof? We will build our plan and then prove it out through back testing & live trading.

Where's the Edge?

Once the plan is built, the data will help us see the biggest potential profits & drawdowns. Without this, there is no edge.

Rules Based System

The trading plan will develop a rules based approach so you can see what it's like to not have indecision in the moment.

Weekly Updates

You will receive weekly updates showing results & what you can do to help achieve the same type of results in your own plan.

Custom Built

Learn how to do it so you can make it your own. The plan must fit the trader not the trader forced to fit the plan.

want to be part of the beta group?

learn with us

We will give you homework to complete. This will help us see the difficulty of the tasks we will eventually ask of everyone.


These will be discussed over email if you decide to apply. Nothing's Free, but I'd rather work hard than spend hard earned money any day.


The system will be built real time which means you will get a copy for free at the end because you helped build it. If you fall behind however, your status will become incomplete and you will lose out. You must be able to handle weekly tasks or you should not apply for the beta group.

join for free

You won't pay for the same program other traders will eventually pay almost 4 figures for. But you're gonna work for it.


We will start early January and be done by end of March. You will have weekly requirements but nothing shorter than that.

where do i sign up?

If you wish to apply, the section below shows the pricing structure. The far left column is for the Beta Group. We will accept a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 participants. Please include any relevant information as to why we should choose you for this project.


Note: Early Bird Pricing will not occur until the Beta Group has been selected.  Early Bird Pricing will go away on 4-30-18.  If you need to join the CTP Group first, click here now.

Beta Group

$ 0
  • All CTP Group participants will be selected by January 31, 2018.
  • Must be a member of the CTP Group to apply.

Early Bird

  • Must be a CTP Group Member to Purchase.
  • Will receive complete system by 8-1-2018 or a full refund plus the CTP System when it's finished if we can't deliver on time.
  • Must Purchase by 4-30-18

The CTP System

$ 1997
  • The CTP Trade Plan System.
  • Completed Swing Trading System built from scratch
  • Risk Management & Tracking
  • Trade Plan Development System so you can build your own plan

A complete blueprint on how to develop whatever trading plan you desire

Module 1

Plan Development
  • Determing Potential Trading Styles
  • Back Testing & Process Building
  • Build a Tradeable System

Module 2

Trade Tracking & Sizing Development
  • Tracking Previous Trades to Determine Edges
  • Creating Entry & Exit Systems based on results
  • Using tracked data to improve results

Module 3

Rules & Psychology
  • Develop a Rules based approach
  • Determine Goals & ways to achieve them
  • Develop Mental Processes

Module 4

Live Trading
  • Trade Real Time with small risk
  • Track Results compared to results during testing periods
  • Implement with full risk and continue to improve