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Learn a strategy that actually works.  After you’ve learned the strategy, you’ll learn how to make it your own.  It’s time to learn how to trade the CTP Way.

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CTP Strategies must have 3 things: edge, simplicity, and it can be customized.  Do you have a strategy like this?  Do you want to know how to make it your own?  Join the Free CTP Group today and we’ll include the Pullback Strategy just for signing up.


Does your strategy make more than it loses?  Does it have a definable edge built into the strategy?


Can you explain the strategy you trade?  When you get this strategy you will also get a video that walks you through the entire process, less than 5 minutes long.  If you can’t explain your strategy that quickly, it probably isn’t that simple.


What good is a winning strategy that works if it only works one way?  You can’t force a trade that doesn’t fit your personality.  Once you learn this strategy; we show you how to make it your own.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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