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Learn the CTP Top Down Approach used on Every Swing Trade Taken

We’ll send you the exact method we use to determine if our potential setup matches the overall direction of the Market, Sector, & Industry.  What’s the point of picking the best of the worst?  There’s a better way.

What is the CTP Top Down Approach?

The CTP Top Down Approach is completely different.  While everyone looks at the SPY, it seems like no one takes it further.  Or even worse, everyone takes it too far.  If you get caught up in the details too long, you can’t see the forest for the trees.  There’s got to be a sweet spot that gets you what you need without overloading you on time or energy.  Enter the CTP Top Down Approach.


The entire process can take less than 5 minutes once you’ve mastered it.  This isn’t the reason to take the trade, it’s the confirmation you want to take it with size.


Stop looking at multiple markets and hoping you’re close enough.  With the CTP Top Down Approach, you’ll do the same thing every single time.


The way we teach, you’ll see it on the charts.  This isn’t an earnings report, it’s a general view to make sure you aren’t fighting the current.